Top-Selling Large Cars Through September Year-To-Date 

2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

Here are your top-selling large cars so far for 2017, just through September.  This segment has taken a big hit this year, down almost 50,000 sales through the same nine months of 2016.  

Here are your leaders in this segment:

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Photo Credit: Dodge
  1. Charles 12 months ago

    I own my second Taurus 14 and 17. For the life of me I can’t understand the reluctance of option makers to make this car an outstanding choice, ECCEPT, that Ford did take the bail out and the writers are all Democrats.
    Quiet is not a word that describes the ride and I have gotten 30 miles to the gallon many time for 100 miles at a time.

    • STEVE 12 months ago

      It was GM not ford that took the bailout.

  2. Lenore 12 months ago

    Jerry do you have any Buick dealers in the Cleveland ohio area……thank you

    • Amy Plemons 12 months ago

      Hi Lenore! We don’t but I’ve sent people to Barry Axelrod, the Owner at Axelrod Buick GMC with great success. Just drop my name. Thanks for listening! Jerry

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