Top-Selling Luxury Vehicles Year-To-Date So Far in 2018

2018 Lexus RX 350 Luxury Vehicles

This week we take a look at luxury vehicles, not just SUVs but other luxury vehicles as well.  You can’t help but notice that SUVs do dominate the list.

Once again, with no data from General Motors, we really don’t know what this list would look like with GM included.  I can give you better info in July since we will have 2nd quarter GM numbers at that time.

This segment is actually up so far this year to 313,000 sales, versus 302,000 during the same time a year ago.

Here ya go, the top-selling 25 luxury vehicles in America for the first four months of 2018. Click here to see the top-selling cars year-to-date.

Top-Selling 25 Luxury Vehicles So Far In 2018

  1. Lexus RX350:  31,500
  2. Mercedes GLC:  22,113
  3. Audi Q5:  19,305
  4. Lexus NX:  18,835
  5. Mercedes C-Class:  18,498
  6. BMW 3-Series:  17,201
  7. Mercedes E-Class:  16,380
  8. BMW X5:  15,876
  9. Mercedes GLE:  15,867
  10. Acura RDX:  15,326
  11. Infiniti QX60:  15,076
  12. BMW X3: 14,846
  13. Acura MDX:  13,909
  14. BMW 5-Series:  13,095
  15. Lexus ES:  12,481
  16. Acura TLX:  11,877
  17. Audi Q7:  11,342
  18. Audi A4:  11,032
  19. BMW X1:  10,752
  20. Tesla Model S:  8400 (estimated).

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Photo Credit:  Lexus

  1. Russ Novotny 5 months ago

    Why did Toyota drop the Venza? Seems to me it filled a gap between the Camry and Rav. I had a Camry that I loved but needed the rear hatch to carry my handicap scooter. Viva the Venza.

    • Amy Plemons 5 months ago

      Automakers never say why they drop a vehicle, but you can bet it was based on poor sales, it always is.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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