Total 2018 U.S. Auto Sales By Brand Through 11 Months

Ford Blue Oval

2018 is almost over, and after 11 months of sales numbers, there are really only two races to watch:  BMW and Mazda are neck and neck, as are Subaru and Hyundai.  Otherwise, odds are great that the full year rankings will remain as you see them here.  As always, we don’t see any General Motors numbers since they only report quarterly.

  1. Ford:  2,178,482
  2. Toyota:  2,038,772
  3. Honda:  1,307,286
  4. Nissan:  1,213,942
  5. Jeep:  892,778
  6. Subaru:  615,594
  7. Hyundai:  614,020
  8. Kia:  542,245
  9. Ram:  529,173
  10. Dodge:  426,796
  11. Volkswagen:  322,006
  12. Mercedes:  317,051
  13. BMW:  276,657
  14. Mazda:  274,455
  15. Lexus:  262,778
  16. Audi:  197,972
  17. Chrysler:  153,539
  18. Acura:  142,160
  19. Infiniti:  131,215
  20. Mitsubishi:  109,088
  21. Lincoln:  92,061
  22. Volvo:  85,789
  23. Land Rover:  81,526
  24. Porsche:  55,030
  25. Mini:  40,887
  26. Jaguar:  26,792
  27. Alfa Romeo:  21,854
  28. Fiat:  14,544
  29. Genesis:  9,326
  30. Smart:  1,154

Editorial Photo Credit:  Linda Parton/Shutterstock

  1. Rick 6 days ago

    This is a rhetorical question, not in need of an answer. If Ford continues to be at or near the top of the sales charts then why is the stock I have held for a decade not going thru the roof like Microsoft?

    • Car Pro 5 days ago

      Rick, good question. Ford stock is always a mystery. They don’t get the credit they deserve when profits are good. Wall Street has never embraced Ford, and likely never will. I’d guess it has to do with the Ford family and the lack of trust with them but it’s always been an under-valued stock.

      I wish I had a solid answer.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

    • Ken 4 days ago

      you should only compare Ford’s stock performance to other auto mfg if you are balancing a portfolio by industry and sector……the prices on other companies in tech industry make no economic sense and cannot be justified..might as well gamble the money…..I lost a million in the tech bubble burst march of 2000….as I was investing I kept asking how these prices were justified…it was a game of musical chairs

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