Toyota: 80,000 Units Lost Due To Japan Earthquakes

2016 toyota Prius Japan earthquake

Toyota is back in business in Japan, but it has a big challenge ahead of it.

The automaker must now figure out how to recoup lost output after suspending operations there for several weeks due to two deadly earthquakes.

As of this week, all of its assembly plants resumed operations following the mid-April quakes which interrupted Toyota’s supply chain.

“We found damaged walls, broken windows, and assembly equipment out of position [in two factories],” a spokesman for Aisin Seiki Co., a supplier of Toyota door and engine parts, told The Wall Street Journal.

According to Automotive News, Toyota expects to loose about 80,000 units of production due to the disaster. In other words, workers weren’t able to build that many vehicles due to the shutdown and that number includes up to 4,000 deliveries to China.  Other overseas markets will likely be impacted as well, since Toyota’s Japan operations export about 42-percent of its vehicles. Its plants there build vehicles that include the Toyota Prius and 4Runner as well as much of the Lexus lineup.

Toyota says it may have to ask its unions to work weekends and holidays so it can recoup some of those lost units.

The Japan earthquakes also disrupted manufacturing for Nissan and Honda.

Photo Credit: Toyota
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