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2014 highlanderJust months before increasing its production of Highlander large crossovers, Toyota says it will add still more Highlander capacity next year.
The announcement, representing a $30 million investment, will put another 15,000 units of capacity for gas-powered Highlanders in the automaker’s plant in Princeton, Ind., in 2014.
That is on top of an increase that will kick in later this year at Princeton to add 50,000 units of capacity for hybrid Highlanders, a plan unveiled last year.
The two moves will give Toyota enough factory muscle to sell 215,000 Highlanders and Sequoia SUVs annually — with Sequoia sales likely to be only a small portion of that total.
Through the end of June, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. sold 61,771 Highlanders, up from 57,444 in the first six months of last year.
Part of the Highlander volume will be exported to Russia and Australia starting late this year.
In a statement released by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Inc. in Princeton, the company said the newest expansion plan will result in a factory capable of producing 365,000 crossovers and SUVs a year. Princeton also produces the Sienna minivan.
“This capacity increase is to meet growing demand for the Highlander and is a part of our strategy to build vehicles where we sell them,” said Norm Bafunno, president of the Princeton operation.

  1. Suzanne Huvelle 5 years ago

    Am in the market for an suv. my top preference would be a Toyota Highlander, but also would like the new electronic BSM as well as power fold in outside mirrors as I would like to keep my vehicle garaged.

    Would love it if they would bring back the Waveline Pearl color from 2010. Any chance the 2014 will have the BSM and back-up camera as well as power fold in outside mirrors? Maybe that’s asking too much….

    • Jerry 5 years ago

      Details of the 2014 are sketchy so far, but I bet they will address the BSM issue and the power fold in mirrors for 2014. It seems like they are really trying to bring the popular options to market.

      I have no idea on colors. THANKS for listening to the show!

      Jerry Reynolds “The Car Pro”
      President, Car Pro Radio Networks
      Owner, KPIR 1420 AM Granbury, TX

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