Toyota Lends a Hand To Help Injured U.S. Veterans

As America celebrates July 4th weekend, Toyota is helping some U.S. veterans with medical needs. The automaker is supporting Stay In Step, which is a nonprofit founded by Romy Camargo, a decorated war veteran who was injured by a sniper’s bullet in his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, and his wife Gaby. 

The center is located in Tampa, Florida and is dedicated to helping spinal-cord injury patients. Toyota helped Camargo open the facility by donating $300,000 to the last-mile funding effort. It helped the nonprofit reach its $750,000 goal needed to open its doors on June 20th. Toyota also donatied a wheelchair-accessible 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan, along with engineering expertise.  

“Supporting Stay In Step is aligned with Toyota’s corporate vision to lead the way to the future of mobility and enrich lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Toyota is proud to support Stay In Step and the tremendous work of Romy and Gaby,” says Simon Nagata, Toyota Motor North America Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, “We are applying the strength and expertise of Toyota’s engineering and robotics to the challenges faced by those injured in service to this country. Toyota’s partner robots are being developed to assist people in their everyday activities. By sharing this technology, we hope to serve the mobility needs of veterans and people around the world.”

Romy spent 18 months in intensive inpatient treatment for his injuries and is now wheelchair-bound. He’ll continue his treatment at the new facility which uses the latest therapy techniques with a method that combines intensive strength and conditioning workouts with a focus on natural movements and the weight of the body. The facility also maintains a “never quit” attitude and seeks to encourage and support patients and their families.

“Stay In Step is dedicated to providing cutting edge physical rehabilitation services and including the much needed tools to win the mental game. We want to create an environment for patients to support one another, share stories and give encouragement, and offer some relief from the intense daily schedule. Stay In Step provides a place of comfort, relaxation and shares a sense of family,” says Gaby Camargo.

“With everyone’s support, we have built up a center that’s going to impact so many lives. Gaby said that we could do this – that we could open up this center in Tampa. And now it’s a reality,” concludes Romy.

Let’s all remember our soldiers and their sacrifices as we salute the red, white and blue this weekend.

Photo Credit: Toyota

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