Toyota Mirai Countdown, U.S. Orders Begin July 20


If you want to be one of the handful of people to buy or lease a Toyota Mirai in the U.S., mark down July 20 on your calendar. That’s when Toyota will open the order books for the world’s first mass production fuel cell vehicle.

The automaker will launch the Mirai FCV in October in a limited number. Right now, Toyota the goal of selling only 3,000 Mirais here in the US by the end of 2017.

Of course, the ordering process isn’t your standard one. You’ll have to answer some important questions like whether you live in California near a hydrogen fueling station. So that likely takes a number of people out of the running for the $57,500 fuel cell vehicles right out of the gate.  After placing a request, potential Mirai drivers will be contacted directly by a Toyota representative to explore the possibility of Mirai ownership.

Toyota is hoping it can get the U.S. government to bring back federal tax incentives for buying fuel cell vehicles so the price of the Mirai will drop to under $45,000. The tax incentives for hydrogen cars expired back in December. In the meantime, if leasing looks more attractive to you, Toyota is offering a $499-a-month lease for 36 months. Whether you lease or buy, you get free hydrogen fuel for “up to three years.”

Earlier this mont, Toyota gave out the official fuel economy numbers. The Mirai will get a U.S. range of 312 miles between refueling stops and it’s rated at 67 MPGe on the EPA test cycle. That makes the Mirai and the only zero-emission electric vehicle on the market to tops the 300 mile range milestone, even surpassing anything in the Tesla lineup. The longest-range version of the Model S, the 85D, has a 270 mile range on a full charge of its 85 kilowatt-hour battery pack.

If you want to order a Mirai, check this link on July 20.

Photo Credit: Toyota
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