Toyota Plans to Overhaul 60 Percent of Engine Lineup

toyota engine

Toyota’s not messing around when it comes to developing more fuel efficient powertrains that perform better. It has an almost entirely new engine linup in the works.

The automaker plans to overhaul 60 percent, if not more, of its lineup by the end of 2021. We can expect some new technology start to arrive next year. It’s already previewing a new 2.5-liter direct-injection inline four-cylinder gas engine, shown above. It is expected to appear in the redesigned 2018 Camry sedan to be unveiled at January’s Detroit Auto Show. This month, it also previewed new 8-speed and 10-speed automatic transmissions.

Toyota says its new modular designed powertrain components are lighter and have a lower center of gravity. Toyota says they are 20 percent more fuel efficient and provide 10 percent better acceleration, too.

In all, Toyota plans to introduce 17 versions of nine new engines, including the new four-cylinder, by 2021. It will also roll out 10 versions of four new transmissions, a new kind of continuously variable transmission, and 10 versions of six hybrid systems. The engine overhaul goes along with Toyota’s “New Global Architecture”, or TNGA, platform. Right now, the next-generation Prius is the only TNGA on the road. Toyota’s new C-HR crossover will also be built on it and it’s due out early next year.

Along with the already revealed new gas engine and transmissions, Toyota also plans to develop a hybrid system for rear-wheel drive vehicles. It’s expected to make its debut in the Lexus LC sports coupe. 

Photo Credit: Toyota
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