Toyota Wants Us To Know What’s Fueling Its Mirai

Toyota Bull Ad Mirai

Toyota’s willing to admit that it might be full of BS, or at least its new Mirai is.

The automaker’s launched a new, rather creative, video campaign for its new fuel cell vehicle, called the “Fueled by Everything Series.”  The campaign is designed to cheekily educate people about alternative fuel sources that can power the Mirai, instead of gasoline. The hydrogen-powered sedan went on sale in Japan in December and arrives on U.S. lots in California this September.

The first ad is “Fueled by BullSh*t” and it’s a three minute video that is exactly about, you guessed it, that. Yes, it literally shows how the Toyota Mirai can be fueled by bullsh*t by following the process of extracting hydrogen from cow manure and then using that hydrogen to create electricity that powers the car.

“This project gave us the opportunity to dive into a world that most people don’t understand but has the potential to change our world. Witnessing manure, something most of us view as being pretty disposable, being transformed into hydrogen fuel to power a car was pretty remarkable. I think this short film is pretty compelling evidence of what could be possible in the years ahead,” says Morgan Spurlock, award-winning documentary filmmaker and director of the new video.

Instead of a traditional gas engine, the Mirai combines hydrogen with oxygen from the air in a fuel cell to create power. It has a cruising range of up to 300 miles and takes about five-minutes to refuel the hydrogen tank. The only thing that comes out from the tailpipe is water vapor.

“We’re putting hydrogen in the spotlight for its exciting potential as a renewable fuel source. This is the beginning of the road for hydrogen, but we see the potential and we’re making a long-term investment in the future,” says Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations at U.S. Toyota Motor Sales.

“Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe” and the Mirai is taking advantage of this. Future videos in the series could be about the Mirai’s ability to also run off hydrogen from things like solar, wind, and even biogas from landfills or, who knows, cat litter. The cool part is that Toyota is showing that the Mirai will be able to find hydrogen, aka fuel, from locally based sources.

With the Mirai full of manure, so to speak, it’s clear that Toyota is serious in leading the way in alternative fuel sources one cow patty at a time.

Photo Credit: Toyota
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