Train Derailment Damages Dozens of BMW SUVs

bmw train derailment

Well you didn’t want to be a BMW riding in a train bound for the port of Charleston recently. The train, carrying 120 brand new BMWs, derailed in ugly fashion last weekend.

The derailment involved 12 rail cars and two locomotives operated by Norfolk Southern railroad. It happened Sunday afternoon as the vehicles were being transported from BMW’s Spartanburg area assembly plant to a port, where they were to be shipped overseas.

It appears all of the 120 BMWs hitching a ride on the train, X3, X4, X5 and X6 models included, received some damage

Below is the statement from BMW released to the news media:

On Sunday afternoon, 12 Norfolk Southern rail cars derailed as BMW X models were traveling by rail to the Port of Charleston for export overseas.  About 120 BMWs have been damaged as a result of the derailment.  BMW personnel are traveling to the scene and will assess the damage to these 120 BMWs. We will continue to work with Norfolk Southern in this situation to assess the damages. – BMW statement

No word yet on what caused it. No one was hurt.

Photo Credit: BMW
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