Turn Your Kid Into A Gear Head

kids toyIt can be tough to find the perfect gift for the budding car enthusiast. Hot wheels are too predictable, and they’re obviously too young for a real car. Luckily, a new toy has arrived that is a perfect fit for kids who want a spot of their own in the garage.

The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set is being offered through Hammacher Schlemmer, a catalogue specializing in unusual and unique toys and gifts, and retails for about $120. Kids lucky enough to score the set get to safely experience the ins and outs of car repair and maintenance.

Using specially designed plastic tools, the set teaches kids how to change out spark plugs, test the brakes, change the air filter and use the dipstick to check the (imaginary) oil levels. They can even check how the engine sounds. The headlights and horn really work, as well, and since it runs on AA batteries, you won’t have to worry about oil stains in the living room.

The Repair Set is for kids ages three and up, so you can get your little ones into the garage and well on their way to helping with a tune-up early.


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