U.S. Auto Production Setting Records  

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In case you missed it, production of cars and trucks in North America is running at historic levels.

July production of 1,382,380 vehicles, up 6.9 percent, set a record for the month. It also was the 48th straight month in which North American output surpassed 1 million. The old record for consecutive months over 1 million was 24, set in 2002-03.

In the first half of 2015, light-vehicle output in the U.S., Canada and Mexico climbed to 8,840,116, up from 8,692,162 in the first half of 2014. That’s not a record (9.3 million were built in the first half of 2000), but it is the highest total since then.

Oh, and another milestone: Through July, Mexican production accounted for 20 percent of the North American total. The country’s assembly plants turned out a record 3,350,655 vehicles last year and are on track to bust that mark some time in the fourth quarter.

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