U.S. Auto Sales Dip Slightly In July But Still Higher Year-to-Date

U.S. Auto sales winners and losers

As close as we can tell, considering we are back in a dark period for General Motors, the auto industry fell 3% or so versus last July, but still maintains a 1% lead year-to-date through the first seven months of 2018.  2017 was the second best year in automotive history, so staying even or close to it is considered a win by automotive writers, including me.

Part of the lower sales pace was strictly the calendar.  There was one less selling day this year, and one less weekend, which can cause a pretty big swing.

Here are your winners and losers for July 2018 versus sales in July 2017:


  • BMW was up 0.1%
  • Rolls Royce up 4.7%
  • Alfa Romeo was up 64.6% to just over 2000 sales.
  • Jeep was up 15.2%
  • Ram was up 2.2%
  • Land Rover up 5%
  • McLaren was up 34% to 106 sales
  • Mitsubishi was up 24%
  • Subaru was up 6.7% (80 months in a row)
  • Volvo was up 23%
  • Bentley was up 6.4%
  • Lamborghini was up 2.3%
  • Porsche was up 3.1%
  • VW was up 12.7%


  • Mini down 2.3%
  • Chrysler down 12.6%
  • Dodge down 0.5%
  • Fiat down 44.7% to 1240 sales
  • Maserati down 10%
  • Ford down 2.9%
  • Lincoln down 11%
  • Acura down 6.6%
  • Honda down 8.4%
  • Genesis down 62.6% to 615 sales
  • Hyundai down 2.4%
  • Kia down 5.8%
  • Jaguar down 40.6%
  • Mazda down 10.9%
  • Mercedes down 19.9%
  • Smart down 43% to 103 sales
  • Infiniti down 10.1%
  • Nissan down 15.7%
  • Lexus down 12.1%
  • Toyota down 5.1%

Photo Credit: dizain/Shutterstock


  1. Scott Hopkins 4 months ago

    I like to keep a record of service on my vehicles. I started life as an a&p before going military doing the same and more. Just bought a 2018 truck and then found out that a service record book is no more. Why?

    • Car Pro 4 months ago

      Most people keep their records online now, and all service facilities have them online as well and are happy to give you a copy at any time. I have seen logs in cars in many years, including the luxury imports. THANKS for listening to the show.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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