Honda, Nissan Sales Rise In August, Toyota Dips

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The smoke cleared Tuesday night, although the end of August was last Friday, and we finally got the U.S. auto sales results for the month of August.

Overall, we think the industry was flat with August of 2017, but who the hell really knows since GM doesn’t report sales on a monthly basis.  Not sure why they make it so hard on people like me who watch the numbers every single month, but I digress.

“The experts” estimated GM sales and if they are accurate (likely they are not) the auto industry sold almost 1,500,000 new vehicles last month, and that is never a bad month for sales.

Here are your winners and losers for August 2018 vs. August 2017:

August 2018 Winners

  • BMW was up 1%
  • Rolls Royce was up 4.7% to 90 sales
  • Alfa Romeo was up 86.5% to 2,240 sales.
  • Jeep was up 19.6%
  • Ram was up 26.5%
  • Ford was up 4.1%
  • Lincoln was up 2.7%
  • Acura was up 14.8%
  • Honda was flat
  • Hyundai was up 8.4%
  • Kia was up 1%
  • Land Rover was up 13.6%
  • McLaren was up 40% to 125 sales sales
  • Mitsubishi was up 3.1%
  • Nissan was up 4.4%
  • Subaru was up 1.4%
  • Volvo was up 12.2%
  • Audi was up 5.5%
  • Lamborghini was up 3.3% to 94
  • Volkswagen was up just less than 1%
2019 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot sales jumped 60% in August 2018, up 41.3 percent for the year toward an all-time record. Credit: Honda

August 2018 Losers

  • Mini was down 14.6% to 3800 sales
  • Chrysler was down 3.4%
  • Dodge was off 18.4%
  • Fiat was down 35% to 1,374 sales
  • Maserati was down 12.8%
  • Genesis was down 66% to 613 sales
  • Jaguar was off 20%
  • Mazda was basically flat, down just 0.1%
  • Mercedes was down 16.8%
  • Smart was off 52% to 108 sales
  • Infiniti was down 1.7%
  • Lexus was off 7.1%
  • Toyota was down 1.2%
  • Bentley was off 22% to 165 sales
  • Porsche was down 13.3%
2018 Toyota Camry XSE

Toyota Camry sales were down 18.6% over August 2017. Credit: Toyota

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

  1. Tim 3 months ago

    What about GM?

    • Car Pro 3 months ago

      Hi Tim, GM no longer reports monthly sales, only quarterly. Thanks for the question!

  2. Timothy Shevlin 3 months ago

    Both Honda and Toyota, though receiving glowing test reports, have both been hit with the same ugly stick, especially Toyota {and Lexus, too} I believe they are still playing out marching orders from the top, instructing them to jump with both feet into the origami look, apparently still smarting from Hundai’s revolutionary, creased look of a few YEARS ago that left Honda and Toyota looking pretty dated. Even now Hundai/Kia stays out in front, returning to smoothed, beautiful, flowing lines.
    I have always felt that if an existing car’s styling can’t be improved in some way, leave it alone until the next, presumably improved generation is released. Sedans are having a tough enough time selling without fighting UGLY as well.

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