U.S. Coalition Airstrikes Destroy 175 ISIS Vehicles

toyota isis trucks airstrikes

Islamic State fighters in Iraq are most likely on the hunt for some new vehicles. This, after losing nearly 200 vehicles to U.S. coalition airstrikes.

A U.S. coalition spokesperson told CNN the airstrikes targeted two ISIS convoys leaving Fallujah, Iraq in late June. In all, U.S. forces say they destroyed about 175 vehicles, including Toyota, Nissan and Kia vehicles, carrying militants out of the city.

The Military Times posted U.S. Defense Department video of the airstrike on June 29th. It involved F-15Es, A-10s, B-52s, and MQ-1s. You can see airstrike bombs dropping on both ends of the convoy. The insurgents reportedly abandoned their vehicles and ran.  

The Military Times also reports that a day beforehand, another U.S. coalition airstrike took out a 55-vehicle ISIS convoy.

The airstrikes came nearly four weeks after the start of a U.S.-backed offensive to liberate Fallujah. It was the last major ISIS foothold in Iraq’s Anbar province. Defense officials believe the ISIS convoys were on their way to reinforce the Islamic State forces under attack near the Iraq-Syria border town of Abu Kamal.

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