Uber, Taxi Drivers Clash In Johannesburg Finance District

Things are getting ugly between taxi drivers and Uber drivers in South Africa.

Police say a fight broke out between metered taxi drivers and Uber drivers outside Gauteng Station in Sandton, Johannesburg, the finance district, on Friday.

As you can see from the Twitter picture, one Uber vehicle did not make it out unscathed. During the clash, a group of taxi drivers reportedly used concrete blocks to smash its windshield.

An eyewitness report says the “taxi drivers picked up stones and ran towards the car – there were about 10, if not more of them. As the guy was trying to come out of car, they kept pulling him.”

The injured driver got away.

“The taxis came to me and started to hit the car with stones and everything there.”

Police say when they arrived they were shot at and assaulted with stones. Three police officers and two drivers were hurt.

Uber shut down its service to and from the station temporarily following the incident. On it’s Twitter feed, Uber South Africa said it is “aware of the intimidation occurring at Sandton Gautrain Station and are taking all of the necessary steps to resolve this issue” and that it is “committed to rider & driver safety.”

This isn’t the first sign of tension between the competitors by a long shot. They’ve been on the rise since Uber moved into town in 2013. Taxi drivers want them out saying Uber drivers are stealing business and posing unfair competition due to low fares.

Photo Credit: Emer-G-Med (Pty) Ltd/Facebook
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