Corvette Owners Take GM To Court Over Engines

2013 Z06

It’s safe to say that Corvette owners are a passionate bunch about their sportsters. So when their engines fail, it’s bound to cause some problems and it has. A group of owners just filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against General Motors claiming their engines are defective, that GM knows it, and hasn’t done anything about it.

The disgruntled drivers own 7-liter V8 powered 427 and Z06 models from model years 2006-2014.  The lawsuit alleges those models have excessive valve guide wear than leads to engine failures. The lawsuit, filed in California this week, claims GM knows about the problem but hasn’t found a solution. Nineteen owners are named in the suit and they’ve filed more than 70 claims, “including violations of the RICO Act, unjust enrichment, negligence and fraud”.

You’ll remember that awhile back, after some driver complaints over the issue, GM advised owners to follow the break-in period and change their oil at or before hitting 500 miles.

“We now encourage all owners to change their oil at 500 miles to remove possible contaminants created during the engine break-in process. And, as always, we encourage the use of Mobil 1 synthetic oil – which is a factory fill for all Z06 models, and Stingray Z51 models – and encourage owners to follow the engine break-in process detailed in the owner’s manual,” said Monte Doran, a spokesman for Chevrolet.

According to UPI, the lawsuit may also inspire owners of the current generation Corvette generation to seek legal action. In July, a Corvette Z06 being test-driven by a Fox News reporter sustained an engine failure even though the car had less than 1,000 miles on the odometer.

Photo Credit: GM
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