Updated Version of the Original Bronco Introduced…

Ford won’t bring back the Bronco, so someone had to.
Boutique off-road specialist ICON 4×4 has introduced an updated version of the first-generation Bronco that has the classic looks of the original but modern technology underneath.
Officially called the BR Series, it built on a chassis supplied by renowned car builder Art Morrison Enterprises and has a custom designed Atlas transfer case and Dana solid axles hung on a suspension comprised of Eibach springs and Ford Racing shocks that offers 12 inches of wheel travel.
Under the hood is the same 412 hp 5.0-liter V8 found in the Ford Mustang GT, here connected to a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic. That’s twice the power you could get in the original truck, so it’s no surprise ICON CEO Jonathan Ward decided to fit the new one with disc brakes all around.
The bodywork was taken from an actual Bronco and refinished, while the glass used is a high-tech reflective type used on skyscrapers. The interior has been updated with aluminum trim, Dakota Digital gauges and tinted plastic sun visors from a Learjet.
The price for this very bespoke Bronco starts at $150,000 and runs up to $200,000 with options. It joins ICON’s growing family of retromods, which includes versions of the Toyota FJ and Jeep CJ, for the well-to-do dirt road-driving crowd.


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