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Used vs. New

Scam Alert: How To Avoid Car Dealers Posing As Private Sellers
   Published February 19, 2020
The craigslist.com ad read: 2005 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS, LOADED, EXCELLENT CONDITION, CLEAN TITLE, SPECIAL OFFER, MUST SEE. The listing appeared under private sellers-no dealers, the place when people feel like they can find the best deal and the best cars. This Houston, TX listing is clearly a car dealer, trying to mislead people into thinking they are buying from a private seller. How do I know this?
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CarProUSA Used Car Buying Guide
   Published September 24, 2019
If youíre reading this article, youíre likely in the market for a new set of wheels and are considering a used car. If you donít need the latest technology, are flexible with your wish list, and do the right due diligence during the shopping process, you can often get a great value for thousands of dollars less than you would buying new. And financially, youíll avoid new car depreciation.

So is a used car for you? Letís consider some of the benefits and downsides.  Read More
Are Factory Certified Pre-Owned Cars Worth the Extra Money?
   Published June 10, 2019
The year 2016 was the best year in automotive history, which also means a record number of trade-ins on the market. Many people turn to used vehicles to try to save some money. Daily, I get the question of whether or not someone should buy a factory certified pre-owned car, and if it worth the extra money you pay for one.

When I was the Ford National Dealer Council Chairman about 15 years ago, they asked me to help them come up with the best-certified program for consumers and dealers. It  Read More
The High Cost Of No-Haggle Used Car Pricing
   Published June 6, 2019
Editorís Note: This article has been updated since its original post in February of 2017.]

We had a perplexed radio show caller last Saturday who found the perfect car at one of the used car only dealerships, but he knew it was overpriced.

I canít help but chuckle to myself when someone tells me he or she bought a vehicle from a place that doesnít negotiate prices and had a wonderful experience. My first thought is always: of course! You can have a wonderful experience at any car lot in  Read More
Depreciation Is Largest New Car Expense, Study Finds
   Published October 10, 2018
Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds talks all the time about the cost of new car depreciation. Not only does your car lose value when you drive it off the lot, but every year when the new models come out. Itís something he says buyers should consider when choosing between buying new or used. It should also factor into the question of how long they plan to keep their vehicle since it impacts resale value down the road.

Depreciation and Other Ownership CostsA new study from the American  Read More
Why Some Used Cars Cost More Than New Ones
   Published September 26, 2018
We had a caller on the DFW Car Pro Show this Saturday who told me he wanted to purchase a factory certified one or two-year-old pickup, and wanted my advice on which one to purchase. My answer was ďget a new 2018, it will probably be cheaperĒ. I could tell by his pause he doubted my answer, and I am sure many of you reading this may be, too.
Used Car Shortage
Dealers are sending their buyers to auctions all over America with instructions to pay whatever it takes to be high bidder, there are  Read More