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  • 2017 BMW 530i Test Drive and Review

    2017 BMW 530i Test Drive and Review

    This week, I am behind the wheel of the all-new BMW 530i, the 7th generation of the 5-Series. 

    This new version got longer, lighter, and taller and it features a lot of new technology. 

    It also offers new powertrains, like the 2-liter 4-cylinder with twin turbos in my review car. Mated to an 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters and rear-wheel drive, the 530 puts out 248-horses, but feels like a lot more.

    The 530 has a more athletic stance than the previous 528i, and features new 19” alloy wheels that look fantastic.  This new model is more aerodynamic, has LED headlights, taillights, and even the blinkers are LED.  This is one of the best-looking sedans on the road, and everyone seems to really love this Mediterranean Blue color.

    The interior is simply stunning. 

    Nappa leather seats feature rich stitching and wide diamond bands in the middle of the seats.  Oh, and these seats will give you one heck of a great massage.

    As you sit behind the large steering wheel, you see a colorful and configurable dash layout.  As you look through the windshield you see a large heads-up display that even reads and shows you speed limit signs.

    The 530 features I-Drive 6.0, which operates almost everything by touch on a huge 10.25” screen.  The screen works much like an i-phone with a swipe feature, or you can operate it from a round knob on the center console.

    Some features can be activated with just gestures in the air. 

    For instance, circle your finger in the air to the right to turn the radio up, to the left to turn it down.  If you want to enter an address in the navigation system, the round knob can be used as a notepad with just your finger.  And of course, anything you want to do can be done by voice commands.

    The large screen features a host of apps and settings so you can truly personalize the 530 and make it fit your style. 

    From the center console, choose your driving dynamics by going between Eco mode, comfort mode, and sport mode.  Each one creates a very different driving experience, and it changes the layout of the gauge cluster.  You can also engage the Auto Hold, which I love.  It lets you take your foot off the brake with every stop when you touch the accelerator, it releases.

    The large screen also features an exceptional camera system, Apple Car Play, Navigation system, and a Harmon Kardon sound system.

    In the center console, there is a wireless charging station for your phone and also the key fob for the car.  The 530 has a large sunroof, a very nice sized back seat that folds down, side window shades, and a power rear sunshade.

    The BMW 530i has a very large trunk that opens and closes with the key fob or it will open when you wave your foot under the rear bumper.

    This particular 530 has a host of driver assistance options, like lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, active steering, and dynamic damper control which adjusts the shocks to current driving conditions.

    Between the two main air vents, you will find a round button that when pushed will make sure all the safety systems are activated.

    The BMW 530i will actually drive itself by using cameras to stay within your lane.

    It will keep you a safe distance from the car in front of you, when you want the car to change lanes, simply turn your blinker on and it will do it for you.  It will also stop itself, including emergency stops.

    OK, let’s talk about the key for a moment.

    It is large and it operates like a remote control. It is electronic and syncs with the car.  From the key, I can check the status of the car, make sure it is locked, see how much fuel is left in the tank, and schedule when to start it in advance of driving off to make sure the cabin temperature is just right.  But wait, there’s more.

    From the key, you can park the car with nobody inside it.  With that said, I can’t think of many uses for this unless your garage is small and you can’t get out of the car easily.  It is truly a full-sized remote-controlled car, and I’ll show you how it works in a separate video.  It is sure to amaze people even if you don’t use this feature much.

    The Ultimate Driving Machine is not just an ad slogan, it truly describes the driving dynamics of BMWs. 

    For me, this 530 is slotted perfectly between the 3- and the 7-Series.  It is not too big, but not too small and it drives like a dream.

    Fuel economy is exceptional for a car this large, it’s rated at 24 city and 34 highway.  I like too, that BMW covers all maintenance costs for 3 years or 36,000 miles.

    As I am seeing a lot these days, if you want a 530i, pay close attention to the options.  This particular car has a base price including transportation of $52,200 but equipped like this one, total MSRP jumps to $72,135.  Add the larger engine and the all-wheel drive system, and you are north of $80,000.

    I will give this car the ultimate Car Pro compliment:  this is a car I would personally own.

    2017 BMW 530i

    • What I liked most:  Looks, technology, and fuel economy.     
    • What I would change:  Not a fan of run flat tires, which is standard on 530i.        
    • MSRP: Base price $52,195. As equipped $72,135.
    • Fuel Economy:  Rated at 24 city, 34 highway, 27 overall.
    • Official Color: Mediterranean Blue Metallic.  
    • Odometer reading when tested: 1500 miles.
    • Weight:  3746 pounds.
    • Length-Width-Height:  194.6” long/73.5” wide/58.2” high.
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18 gallons with the filler on the passenger side.
    • Towing Capacity: N/A.
    • 2017 530i in a few words:  Truly, the Ultimate Driving Machine!     
    • Warranty: 4-year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper with roadside assistance, and free maintenance for 3-years/36,000 miles.   
    • Final Assembly Location: Dingolfing, Germany.     
    • Manufacturer’s website:  BMW

    Photo Credit: BMW

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