Veteran Auto Writer Joins Car Pro Staff

car pro show terry box

We are pleased to announce that Terry Box is joining the staff of the Car Pro Show. For over 23 years, Terry has been the automotive writer at the Dallas Morning News.

Terry will bring his years of automotive experience to our audience with a new car review every week, starting in mid-January.  With his addition, we’ll be able to post over 100 new car reviews every year.

Terry’s style is more humorous and geared more to the technical aspects of a car, versus me who looks at more of the value and practical side.  We are working out our schedules so as not to repeat any vehicles, and from time to time, we may do a review together for different points of views.  We’ll also have Terry on the air with us occasionally.

Here is Terry’s final column in the Dallas Morning News.  It gives you a feel for his history and passion for cars:

I know you will enjoy the talent and different style Terry will bring to our website and show.


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