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Chrysler Group, responding to complaints about the handling of one of its most popular SUVs, released a technical service bulletin telling dealers and drivers how to deal with steering wobbling in older Jeep Wranglers.
Chrysler said 2005 to 2010 model year Jeep Wranglers with a solid front axle may show vibrations in the steering system if it’s damaged or not properly maintained.
Chrysler recommended owners to take their vehicle to a dealer if they’ve noticed the wobble.
Aftermarket parts, such as lift kits, wheels or suspension components that are designed for off-road use or aren’t engineered for the Wrangler are the most frequent cause of the vibration, the Chrysler bulletin said.
The vibration — dubbed “The Jeep Death Wobble” by two Democratic members of Congress — occurs most often at speeds above 45 mph on uneven surfaces, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
NHTSA, which has received over 400 complaints about the wobble, has said such vibrations occur on other vehicles, as well.
The agency said in April it did not plan to formally investigate the matter.
Rep. Anna Eshoo and Rep. Henry Waxman, who earlier this year asked NHTSA for an investigation, praised Chrysler for issuing the bulletin.
“Anyone who has experienced ‘wobble’ has been legitimately frightened for their safety,” Eshoo said in a statement. “Chrysler’s decision to issue an official method of repair for this problem is the right thing to do for its customers and for the safety of others on the road.”
Chrysler, in a statement, said it released the bulletin to “enhance dealers’ ability to diagnose and repair steering system shimmy.”
In addition to issuing the bulletin to dealers, Chrysler posted the information on its Web site and some Jeep enthusiast blogs.


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