VIDEO: Good Samaritans Rescue Man from Flipped Convertible

good samaritan rescue

Now this is a car rescue you have to see.

A group of strangers recently helped free a man from his flipped convertible in South Carolina.  The car had veered off the road and flipped several times before landing upside down. The accident trapped the driver underneath.

That’s when the good samaritans rushed to his aid. Witness Bert Sorin says he didn’t hesitate to help when he saw the car veer off the road. He posted the video of the scene and rescue on his Facebook page.

More strangers started showing up at the scene and using the power of numbers, they were actually able to turn the car right-side up.

“It was awesome seeing everyone working together and saving this man before the EMTs could even arrive,” Sorin wrote. “God and fine American citizens were looking out for this fella.”

Miraculously, driver Jonathan Janzen was conscious, but as you might imagine, in shock.  He was able to stand up and hug his rescuers. He walked away with minor injuries. You can hear from Janzen and Sorin in the videos below. – Columbia, South Carolina.

Photo Credit: Bret Sorin/Facebook
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