VIDEO: Nissan Goes Drifting At Abandoned Mall

Nissan drifting

Ok, so the video you’re about to see is certainly not what you want to see in a mall parking lot on Black Friday or any other day. That is, at least unless you are Nissan.

The automaker recently took over the abandoned Hawthorne Mall near Los Angeles to celebrate Black Friday in its own special way.

It filmed a drifting video with two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck. You can see them in the video below doing some crazy stunts behind the wheel of 1000 horsepower Nissan 370Z’s.

Nissan says the tire-smoking action in the “Black Friday 360 Experience” was so intense, it even left the pro drivers stunned. In one scene, driver Chris Forsberg swerves the back of his car on the ledge of a 30-foot drop.

“I knew I could mentally block out the drop, however my biggest concern was the surface,” admitted Forsberg. “The conditions were dusty and underneath all of that was polished concrete.  We had one chance to get the shot before the rubber built up.”

A rubber buildup actually adds traction that would compromise the control of the car when drifting.

As you can imagine, filming all of this wasn’t easy. Not just because of the action. But because of all the dust. Years of dust at the site required the crew to use respirators to breathe while they filmed it all.

The crew even lost a few cameras in the process. In one instance, as the white 370Z explodes through a wall, a GoPro was left implanted in the cinderblock facade. Another time the revolutionary 360-degree camera rig was run over when a slight miscalculation sent a prop flying in an unexpected direction.

No, people, please don’t try this at home, the mall or anywhere else for that matter.

Photo Credit: Nissan
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