VIDEO: Volkswagen Shows Off New Atlas SUV

vw atlas teaser

Volkswagen is welcoming back the heritage of the microbus. The heart of the popular model that did so well as an all-American exploration vehicle has been transplanted into the new SUV. The VW Atlas.

VW shares its thoughts on its upcoming three-row model in a new eight part video series. In the first one, VW execs explain just why the Atlas fits American-sized needs. We also get to see VW’s first official shots of the Atlas in action – albiet in camouflage.

When it comes to what inspired the design of the midsize SUV,  VW America Produce Manager Jim Burch says “Americans, they like to drive.” Nicely put. And with the background in the video showing scenic American national parks no wonder we like driving. Even if you don’t have an adventure bone in your body, you will after seeing the beautiful images of America.

“It’s a car to take the family and transport them to a national park, or state forest,” Burch adds. He says the Atlas “fits in perfectly to that active lifestyle.”

Hinrich J. Woebcken, CEO of Volkswagen’s North American Region, says the Atlas steps up as a new chapter and a rebirth of an old chapter for the company. He says the designers “centered [the Atlas] to the heart of the American market.” Noting that until now VW has had the rep as a “small car company.”

The model really does take the American market to heart. “Bigger and bolder for what U.S. customers expect,” says Product Line Manager Dr. Elmar Licharz

Appealing to the American bone for travel goes back to an early stages in VW’s history. Woebcken reminds us of VW’s heritage, the classic microbus. He sees the Atlas as a “great opportunity to continue that story on a broader and stronger basis.”

As we’ve noted before, we’re pretty excited that the model gets the first easily pronounceable U.S. name. VW applauds its functionality and easy accessibility for wherever those American roads, and off roads, might take you.

Photo Credit: Volkswagen
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