VIDEO: Watch the Alfa Romeo Giulia In Action

If you liked what you saw when Alfa Romeo showed off the first pics of the Giulia sedan, you’ve probably already pressed play on the video below already. It’s another video showing off the automaker’s new BMW 3 Series fighter, along with Alfa’s freshly revised logo.

Alfa unveiled the 510-horsepower Giulia last week with hopes it will help attract mainstream buyers who go for the BMW Series 3 and Audi 4. The four-door’s arrival comes after Alfa re-introduced itself to the market with the new 4C roadster earlier this year.

The Giulia is the first of eight new Alfas that will launch over the next three years. Sitting on a long wheelbase, its styling is every inch Alfa Romeo bumper to bumper. We’ve only seen the higher end model. The lower-end short versions are still under wraps.

The top of the line Quadrifoglio edition gets a Ferrari-developed aluminum biturbo 3.0 V6 which gives you two turbos for power and cylinder activation to improve economy. With that under the hood, the Giulia delivers 503 horses. Alfa also says it can clock 0-62 time in 3.9 seconds which tops the performance of the BMW 3 Series. The fact that new Giulia also gets a 50/50 weight distribution across the two axles is also a big deal.

Other engine options will likely include a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.  Meanwhile, while the one that debuted last week is rear-wheel drive, expect some all-wheel-drive offerings in the range, too.

The all-new suspension system is made of aluminum. The front suspension is a double-wishbone set-up that includes a new semi-virtual steering axis designed to keep the car accurate and stable at high speeds and allow precise steering feel even under hard cornering or high lateral acceleration. The Giulia is also outfitted with power steering system, unlike the 4C. In back, the rear suspension is a new multi-link system, which gives independent control of the wheels from the body.

The Giulia arrives next year.

Photo Credit: Alfa Romeo
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