Videos of the Week: Crazy Police Chase, Jimmy Kimmel Prank

motorhome mud Photo Credit: Denniro/Shutterstock

Jerry: I have brought you some great police chases over the years, but this one has a new wrinkle. 

A guy on a Harley in Canada is running from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  It gets bizarre when he takes the chase inside a shopping mall.  You’ll see helicopter footage, dash cam video, and inside the mall video cameras.

This video covers a lot of territory in under 4 minutes!

Kevin: Wacky Jimmy Kimmel sends an “Australian TV reporter” (Miley Cyrus in disguise) out on Hollywood Blvd. to interview people. The question of the day? “What do you think of Miley Cyrus?”

Photo Credit: Denniro/Shutterstock
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