Videos Of The Week: Don’t Try This At Home Kids!

VW rolls Discovery

Jerry’s video of the week is of an automotive daredevil that comes to YouTube courtesy of Discovery TV.  Dubbed “The Rolling Dutchman”, a guy gets behind the wheel of a VW Golf and proceeds to, well, roll with it. But caution, as tempting as it is, don’t try this one at home!  As for Kevin, he has BMW’s ad featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble on repeat.

Jerry: Wow, would I LOVE to drive this VW Golf!  Check out this VW that is rigged to roll forward when you hit the brakes.  Here’s a car I’d love to review!

Kevin: Unlike Nissan, BMW didn’t win an award for their Super Bowl ad–except from me. I can’t get enough of Katie Couric & Bryant Gumble 20 years ago being totally confused & naive about the internet. 

Photo Credit: Discovery TV/Facebook
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