VIDEO: Volkswagen Wants You to Workout, Literally

volkswagen workout

I’ve seen a lot of workout videos in my day, but never one quite like this. (Nor did I realize Volkswagen was so concerned about physical fitness.)

A recent YouTube upload gives Volkswagen drivers a basic light workout routine they can do on the road, literally. No equipment except for the car needed.

This is the kind of quickie workout destined to combat road fatigue and other sorts or boredom you might experience when in the car an excessively long time, say on road trips. VW says the exercises will help you “arrive at your destination feeling fresh and revitalized.”

First and foremost, it involves parking somewhere. After that’s out of the way, VW gets down to business with a string of :15 second exercises including stretching. One has you using the side of the car to do a shoulder stretch. Then just head to the rear of the car for a quad stretch. You’ll have to step away from the car though to do your jogging in place, or as VW calls it, skipping. I do believe my personal favorite is using the trunk for dips.

This does seem a rather odd way to spend the company’s video marketing budget in wake of the recent diesel emissions scandal. But perhaps if nothing else, these exercises will help current VW TDI owners blow off some steam.

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