How Volvo and Microsoft Are Using Car Holograms

HoloLens holograms

If you’re a techie, like we are, this is pretty cool. Volvo is teaming up with Microsoft HoloLens to bring holograms to the car buying experience. It’s by using an augmented reality headset that would put buyers in a virtual showroom.

Yes, the same VR technology being developed for things like gaming, could, one day, help you buy your next car.

Volvo says the technology unlocks the “soul” of the car.  The HoloLens displays a hologram that buyers can interact digitally with in a number of ways. They can strip off the body look at the engine, chassis and drivetrain while it’s in action. Buyers can also look at the interior features and switch out customizable options like colors and trims.

After all is said and done, buyers see vehicles configured as full scale high-definition holograms that can be projected anywhere.

“HoloLens offers the freedom to create a bespoke experience which customers can steer themselves. Imagine using mixed reality to choose the type of car you want, to explore the colors, rims, or get a better understanding of the features, services and options available,” says Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service at Volvo Cars.

This is just the beginning of long-term partnership between Volvo and Microsoft. The companies will be working on a bunch of new automotive technologies. Other projects include autonomous, self- driving, technology and using predictive analysis to improve safety.

“We are thrilled to be working with Volvo Cars to reimagine what is possible in car design, discovery and purchasing. We are excited to be at this intersection of technology and human-centric design with Volvo,” says Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Microsoft HoloLens at Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered holographic computer. It uses sensors and powerful processing tools that allow wearers to overlay digital objects on the world around them.

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Photo Credit: Volvo
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