Volvo and Microsoft Team Up to Offer In-Car Skype

skype volvo

Volvo will soon offer Skype right in the dash. It’s partnering up with Microsoft to put Skype For Business in its high-end 90 Series.

If you’re picturing people staring at screens instead of the road, don’t. Unlike on your computer, the in-car version of Skype doesn’t involve video. But it does allow you to join conference calls from the screen instead of the distraction of messing with your smartphone and entering long pin codes.

The in-car app will reside on the center touchscreen. It will display everything from your schedule to your contacts. Just click join the meeting and you’re in. When you’re done, you can even have the Record and Send app take notes for you and forward them for later access. Hands-free.

Originally the tech will only come on Volvo’s top 90 line. But if all goes well, Volvo will expand the offering across its lineup. We wouldn’t be surprised if it creates an industry-wide trend.

Volvo sees integrating Skype as a part of working towards a future of self-driving cars. Basically, Volvo wants to make intelligent cars that act as your chauffeur. Driving up front. Work in the back.  

The app marks the beginning of Volvo and Microsoft working together. Both companies are forward-thinking in the technology department. Microsoft is focused on productivity and connectivity (check out Cortana), while Volvo is on the forefront of self-driving technology. 

Photo Credit: Volvo


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