Volvo Prepares To Tackle Smaller Car Market With 40 Series

volvo 40 series

Much like Cadillac wants to shed its “not your daddy’s Caddy” image, Volvo is trying to do the same.

It hopes to do that by heading full force into smaller car territory and, to that end, we’re finally getting a look at the first two concept cars in its new 40 series lineup.  They move Volvo into a new design direction and they look pretty snazzy we must say.

You can tell Volvo is trying to shake things up in the looks department as it goes after a younger market. The cars feature stronger design features designed to make the cars sportier, sleeker and, for lack of a better word,  hip.

The pictures show strong lines, Volvo’s “Thor Hammer” headlights and large air intakes which house LED fog lights, along with a tailgate-mounted spoiler. The taillights are inspired by those on the new Volvo XC90.

The first 40 series model will go into production in 2017.


The new lineup will be built on Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture, designed especially for its smaller cars. We can expect one that runs on pure electricity and two plug-in hybrids.

The PHEV versions will use Volvo’s Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain, but it will be offered as a front-wheel-drive, not all-wheel-drive, in the smaller cars.


The smaller car lineup won’t be left out when it comes to technology either. They’ll offer connected and autonomous drive technologies, not to mention the safety features Volvo is famous for across the industry.

Volvo is doing well this year. Sales were up 24 percent for the first three months of the year. The automaker says it wants to sell 800,000 cars in 2016, up from just over 500,000 last year.

Volvo’s already promised a larger EV by 2019 and announced its goal to sell 1 million electric cars globally by 2025.

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Photo Credit: Volvo
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