VW I.D. BUZZ Microbus Is Officially Coming… in 2022

vw i.d. buzz

If you’re not sitting down do so now. Volkswagen is bringing back the Microbus and sales could start in five years.

VW teased the model at the beginning of this year as the electric I.D. concept. Now dubbing it the I.D. Buzz, it clearly brings back the image of the classic microbuses the company sold in the 50s – 80s. Don’t be mistaken though, this is a vehicle for the 21st century. It is fully electric and integrates some semi-auto driving technologies. VW will also be making a Buzz Cargo version for commercial use, which will fit into the current and future stricter emission laws.

It does a great job of looking like the microbus of the future that it is while still remembering the classic with the flat face and the same sweeping down of the white roof color on to the what would be the hood. The flat front happens, not with the rear gas engine of old, but with batteries under the floors. I’m a fan of the wood-like material used for the flooring which will be awesome for cleaning out all the inevitable sand from your beach trips.

Before the Buzz goes on sale in 2022, VW will release a smaller electric car under the I.D., likely a hatchback of some kind like the concept in Paris last year.

Volkswagen hopes the Buzz will appeal to the masses: from the average joe looking for comfortable transportation to surfers and musicians looking for a hip statement with lots of room. For sure though there will be those who just want a bus to remember the good old days while looking forward into the future.

Photo Credit: Volkswagen
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