VW EOS Production Ends Soon

Volkswagen has confirmed that its Eos will no longer be produced after June.

The convertible’s retirement had already been announced for the US market, due to weak demand. The company produced just 8,000 units globally in 2013, while US demand slid by 18 percent to 3,411 units in 2014.

“After nine years and roughly 230,000 units built, production of the Eos in Portugal will end in May/June,” a spokesman told Automotive News.

VW last year introduced the Eos Final Edition in the US for the 2015 model year. The package appears to reaffirm that the company has no immediate plans to build a successor.

Global demand for convertibles in general has been in decline, though the company could release a soft-top version of its Golf or GTI in the US. The Eos already shares the same platform as the Golf, but its hardtop brings unique engineering challenges that would likely require significant investment to rework for a next-generation model.

Axing the Eos will allow more development resources to be spent on SUVs and crossovers, allowing the German automaker to better engage both thriving segments.

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