VW Is Next Automaker To Offer Alexa    

vw amazon alexa

Volkswagen is trying to one-up the competition in the technology department.

The automaker says it will be the first automaker to integrate Amazon Alexa into one of its vehicles. Other automakers like Ford, BMW and Hyundai are also on the Amazon Alexa bandwagon, offering connectivity through a smartphone. What makes VW different is that it will be a factory-installed feature directly in the car’s infotainment system.

Amazon Alexa integration will allow drivers to connect to their homes from inside their cars, and vice-versa. For example, owners can turn on their home heater so it’s warm when they get there. They can also start up their cars from inside.

It’s part of VW’s big push on technology and connectivity. In early January, VW showed a Tiguan at the Consumer Electronics Show with a voice command system that reacts to the keywords such as ‘Hey Volkswagen.'” Through artificial intelligence, VW said the system becomes increasingly familiar with a user and his or her preferences over time, and utilizes this knowledge for personalized route suggestions.

vw technology

VW also showed off the next stage of its 3D Digital Cockpit as well as a new technology called Eyetracking. It recognizes where the driver is looking inside the vehicle.


Photo Credit: Volkswagen         

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