VW Launches New Ad Campaign To Win Back Trust

vw ad trust

There is no doubt about it. You do not want to be on Volkswagen’s marketing team right now unless you’re up for quite a challenge. The automaker has a big hill to climb as it tries to regain the public’s trust following the diesel emissions scandal that hit both the U.S. and Europe last fall.

As the automaker’s engineers work to fix TDI’s that have software that cheats emissions tests, the Volkswagen marketing department is now stepping in to do its part.

It’s launching a new ad in Europe that coincides with the start of VW’s diesel recall in Europe. It still hasn’t agreed on a fix with U.S. regulators.

The new ad drops the “Das Auto” slogan. VW says it focuses on people, not technology. (It was misleading diesel technology that, after all, got the automaker into trouble.)

In a press release, VW says the aim of the campaign is to strengthen trust in the brand and put the focus back on people.

“We have lost credibility and trust in recent months. We are now doing everything we can to win that back,” says Juergen Stackmann, VW brand sales chief.

The VW brand is also dropping the “Truth in Engineering” slogan in its upcoming Super Bowl 50 ad spot for the 2017 R8 V10 Plus. It’s dubbed “The Commander” and it’s about a retired astronaut who’d rather get behind the wheel than eat his dinner.

Photo Credit: YouTube
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