VW Replaces the CC with the New Arteon Fastback

vw arteon

We finally know what the plan is for replacing the VW CC Sedan.  It’s the new five-door Arteon fastback unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. 

The Arteon is a sleek, coupe-like sedan that seats five. The lines are more muscular than the CC. It sports a new, wider grille, too. It’s roomy thanks to its long wheelbase makes the Arteon. The base model is followed by sporty R-Line and luxury-themed Elegance trims.

The engine most likely to arrive in the U.S. is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that delivers either 188- or 276-horsepower depending on standard front-wheel or optional all-wheel drive. A diesel engine is likely to be the most popular across the ocean, but given the VW emissions scandal, it is doubtful we see it here.

vw arteon

The Arteon won’t lack for technology.

It will premiere VW’s latest generation driver assistance systems. They include the further-developed Emergency Assist and the newly-developed Adaptive Cruise Control which controls the car’s speed while taking route data and speed limits into account. 

The cabin also features a head-up display and a 9.2-inch screen along with optional gesture control. 

vw arteon yellow

In addition, there are premium features such as a navigation system with a glass cover and full-LED headlights. Also, drivers can opt for predictive cornering lights with predictive control – thanks to camera-based information and navigation data, the bend in the road is already illuminated before the driver steers into it.

The sporty sedan will debut in Germany this summer.  We’ll likely see it about a year from then if history repeats itself. 

vw arteon white

vw arteon 4
vw arteon 4
vw arteon interior
Photo Credit: VW/NewspressUSA
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