VW Says It Will Build Its New I.D. Electric Concept in 2020

vw ID

Gears are shifting at Volkswagen. VW’s says its newly unveiled all electric I.D. concept will become reality in 2020. 

The automaker unveiled the concept at the Paris Motor Show. The Jetsons would approve, but VW says it really will go into production in four years. It uses smooth simple lines. It looks most like a futuristic version of the Golf with a hatchback.

The I.D. marks the first of a promised fleet of electric cars from VW. It also shows a shift in thinking at the company after the diesel scandal.

The model is based on VW’s new Modular Electric Drive Kit platform. MEB will act as the base for VW’s future electric cars as well.  The concept houses a 167-horsepower electric motor. VW estimates it will go up to 248 or even 373 miles on a single charge.

vw ID

vw ID

The doors open up to the future. Inside the design follows what VW calls an Open Space concept. Part of it includes a retracting steering wheel. The driver can then stretch out and let the car do the driving. Another futuristic touch shows how far outside VW will go. The model will be able to receive packages using a delivery service.

VW says that as a car of the future it will offer full-autonomous driving. I.D. Pilot mode will be offered from 2025 and beyond.

The I.D. launches in 2020 and will run alongside the Golf.  While there’s no word on how it might impact the future of the e-Golf, it seems likely the I.D. will replace the model.

VW’s overall goal is to sell a million electric and plug-in vehicles a year by 2025. 

Photo Credit: Volkswagen
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