Want A 2016 Toyota Mirai? You’ll Have To Get In Line

2016 Toyota Mirai

Well, well, well! It seems if you want a 2016 Toyota Mirai, you’ll need to get in line. Toyota says its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is flying off the shelves. Well, not literally flying. But the automaker says nearly 1,900 people have raised their hand for a Mirai, which is more than the company thought would do so, and it looks like there aren’t enough to go around.

The Mirai order request portal, which went live just two months ago, is now directing customers to a wait list, as production catches up to this high demand. Toyota says its only earmarked 1,000 model year 2016 Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the U.S.

The automaker is going through all the prospective buyer orders to determine who is the best fit or the vehicle, and here’s a hint, you’ll need to live in a state with hydrogen fueling stations to be in the running for one. Toyota will be handing over the keys to the first qualified buyers in October.

Potential Mirai customers can still request one at www.toyota.com/mirai. Toyota says that a wait list will be created for the next Mirai allotment and that it will contact potential customers when they become available. So until then, drivers who want to get behind the wheel of one will have to be patient.

Meanwhile, Toyota recently released its latest hydrogen experiment. It’s an ad spot where the automaker explains how it turned kids’ leftover lemonade into hydrogen fuel. Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Toyota


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