Want A Sold-Out Porsche Macan? You May Be In Luck

2015 Porsche Macan _12_

If you’re on a waiting list for a sold-out Porsche Macan, good news. Porsche is sending more of them our way. The automaker is reportedly increasing U.S allocation and according to Automotive News, extra vehicles should begin to arrive in May.  U.S. Porsche dealers are no doubt celebrating the news. In late February, Porsche had just 150 Macans available in the U.S., spread across the brand’s 189 dealerships.

“We do not want to continue to have a situation where we have a waiting list of five to six months,” Porsche Cars North America CEO Detlev von Platen said. “This is the reason we have decided to jump on the allocation for the United States and increase this for this year.”

Von Platen wouldn’t give exact allocation numbers, other than to describe them as “substantial.”  Porsche has sold 9,841 Macans in the 11 months since it went on sale in May.

Just last week, Porsche predicted its Macan compact crossover could soon outsell it larger sibling, the Cayenne, to become the brand’s top-selling U.S. model. It’s already the best-selling Porsche model in Europe.

Meanwhile, Porsche is also reportedly close to announcing plans to extend its SUV lineup.

“In the not-too-distant future, we will present a seventh model line” that would hit the market by 2020, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller said at the automaker’s annual press conference in February. “There are already promising plans, but no board decision yet.”

Porsche specifically mentions Tesla in giving some hints about its potential future plans.

“Tesla has built an exceptional car,” Porsche chief Matthias Mueller said. “They have a very pragmatic approach and set the standard, where we have to follow up now.”

In January, a German car magazine reported that Porsche would sell its long-planned Pajun sedan, a smaller Panamera, only as an electric car to go up against vehicles like the Tesla Model S.  For an electric car, which would also help the brand comply with tightening environmental regulations, Porsche is targeting a 310 miles range before needing to recharge.

Porsche certainly isn’t alone in going after Tesla. Audi, BMW and Mercedes are all looking to get a piece of the electric market, especially with Tesla’s delayed Model X SUV  finally slated to go into production in the third quarter of 2015.

Other potential new models in the lineup include expanding the Panamera model line with a more spacious station wagon variant. Plus, Porsche also is considering a new Ferrari competitor, perhaps a 911 or 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar.

Photo Credit: Porsche


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