Want That Hot New Ford GT? You’ll Have To Apply

Ford GT Geneva

Want a 2017 Ford GT? You’ll have to apply for one. With the 2017 Ford GT rumored to cost around $400,000, an anonymous insider says that the company is taking a very exclusive approach in deciding who gets to own these supercars. The Blue Oval isn’t forgetting its roots, though, and some current customers might get the first crack at the coupe’s extremely limited production numbers.

Reddit user 3031983 claims to work at a dealership and have access to an internal Ford website, which is where this info comes from. The ordering process for the latest GT begins in early 2016, and any interested buyers need to file an application with Ford first. Anyone can submit the request, but Ford is giving top priority to current GT owners. Once selected, customers will be walked through the personalization process and will eventually complete the purchase through a dealer certified to sell the GT.

Autoblog reached out to Ford, and the company confirmed that all of the user’s details are accurate. The concierge-style service certainly isn’t uncommon with other high-end vehicles, though. It’s also understandable that the Blue Oval would want to work closely with wealthy, enthusiast buyers, rather than just shipping its supercar off for dealers to sell.

The user also reports that Ford is limiting global production of the GT to just 250 units a year, which the company confirms. That makes the Blue Oval’s supercar truly exclusive for its early life. For comparison, Ferrari only built 499 LaFerraris, and there were 918 Porsche 918 Spyders.

Photo Credit: Ford
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