Sunday 23 April 2017
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Watch a Ford Focus RS Take on the Track in Drift Mode

Watch a Ford Focus RS Take on the Track in Drift Mode

Sales of the Ford Focus RS are hot hot hot. And so are the wheels of one that YouTuber That Dude in Blue got to take out for a spin.

Ford Performance reached out to David Patterson, That Dude in Blue, at the end of June for a day of test driving. He got to hit the track at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Patterson’s task was to show off the Ford Performance Racing School with a few test drives.

The creme de la creme of the experience was definitely the chance to drive a pre-production Focus RS model. The highlight of testing the RS was trying out its “Drift Mode”.

The video shows him making circles and showing off the epic “Drift Mode” on the track. The Focus hugs close to the road and squeals out delightful sounds that defy expectations for hatchback models. “Drift Mode” works by limiting the engine to the ideal drifting speed and depressing the clutch and throttle. The driver only has to release the clutch to accelerate off-the-line with minimum wheel-spin.

Patterson also had a blast with “Launch Control” mode. It allows the car to go from 0-60 mph in a sweet 4.7-seconds.

If you think a Focus RS has your name on it, you’re not alone. The model’s sales have been so high that Ford cancelled 220 orders for the 2016 model year. They’ll be pushed until the 2017 model arrives. But Ford says there shouldn’t be much of a delivery delay.

The reason for the cease in the 2016 model production seems to stem from the summer shutdown at the Ford plant in Saarlouis, Germany. A three-week worker hiatus doesn’t end until the 15th of this month. Hopefully they’ll get back to making the popular RS soon as orders continue to exceed Ford’s expectations.

Photo Credit: Ford Performance