WATCH: Lamborghini Stars in Marvel’s Doctor Strange

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The Doctor is in. And he drives a Lambo.

Lamborghini takes a starring role onscreen in Marvel’s latest comic movie Doctor Strange, arriving in theaters today. The Italian supercar takes front and center in some pivotal moments with Doctor Strange, aka, Benedict Cumberbatch at the wheel.  

Six Huracán sportsters, with naturally-aspirated V10 engines, were used on the set of the film. As you’d expect from a Marvel movie, Doctor Strange has its share of car stunts. Stunt coordinator Mark Mottram gushes the experience was “Great!”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at just how it all went down.

Marvel loves its fancy cars that’s for sure. While it may be good enough for the Agents of Shield to drive Acuras and Iron Man his Audi R8, for superheroes on the level of Dr. Strange, only a Lamborghini will do.

“He drives a very high performance, expensive, beautiful car,” director Scott Derrickson said.

In Lamorghini’s eyes, the Huracán is a natural fit for Doctor Strange because the superhero embodies its cutting edge lifestyle. After all he comes with creds as a super-genius, wealthy, neurosurgeon-turned-superhero after being robbed 0f the use of his hands. 

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali compares him to founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, himself.

“Doctor Strange is bold, ambitious and pioneering character who reaches beyond the realm of the ordinary and thrives in any situation, despite the challenges ahead.”

You can check out all the action now in theaters.

Photo Credit: Lamborghini


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