Watch U.S. Military Drop Squad of Humvees Out of a C-17

military drops humvees out of a c-17

Well this is one way to deliver a vehicle. Drop it out of the sky.

AiirSource Military recently posted video of a squad of military Humvee vehicles being parachuted out of a C-17 on its Facebook page. According to the post, USAF airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron at Joint Base Charleston, SC, executed a parachute drop of eight Humvees to a drop zone in Fort Bragg, NC.

According to AM General, who makes the M998 A0 series, the HMMWV’s curb weight is about 5,200 pounds.

HMMWVs are air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded by helicopters. Three HMMWVs can be carried in a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and 15 in a C-5A Galaxy. In combat conditions, the HMMWV can be delivered by the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System without the aircraft having to land. – AM General

You can check out the drop in the video below.

We also have to point out things don’t always go this smoothly.

In April, several Humvees slipped from their parachute rigging during a drop in a training area in Germany. Needless to say, as the Army Times reports, things did not end well.  Three humvees bit the dust after plummeting hundreds of feet to the earth.

You can check out the video here. (Content warning: Video contains adult language.)

Photo Credit: AiirSource Military
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