Morley Safer’s 60 Minutes Lamborghini Report is Magic

The entire journalism and broadcasting world is remembering long-time CBS journalist Morley Safer.  The news legend died this week at the age of 84 and just a week after retiring due to poor health.

Safer was the longest-serving correspondent in “60 Minutes” history. He joined the CBS program in 1970, just two years after it launched, and filed his last report only weeks ago, back in March.

There isn’t a topic Safer didn’t cover in his 46 years on the show. But our favorite by far is the one he filed on Lamborghini Countach back in 1987. It truly is a gem.

Safer, a car enthusiast, takes a wild ride in one with a test driver hitting speeds of up to 180 miles an hour, on public roads no less. He called it a “thrilling ride” and you can tell he is enjoying every minute it.

We thank you for allowing us to ride along vicariously through you, Mr. Safer.

Photo Credit: CBS
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