Watch One Guy Test His Remote-Controlled C6 Corvette

c6 corvette RC

Either we’ve had too much eggnog or maybe it was all that pumpkin pie and now we’re just flat-out seeing things. But this YouTube video appears to show something pretty amazing. It’s a guy controlling a C6- generation Corvette – and doing a burnout no less – all by remote control.

And this is not the kind of remote-controlled toy car you get under the tree. Look closely at the picture above and you’ll see there is indeed no one at the wheel of this life-size ‘Vette.

Furthermore, the guy at the controls claims the RC unit can be controlled with a universal control and could even be installed into other cars.

The YouTuber goes by the name of blade00021. Here’s what he has to say about his video:

Testing my control unit for the first time outside 🙂
The car is fully remote controlled! 2.4ghz – 6 channel transmitter.

Controls included:
Braking x2
turning off

Everything works on my custom universal controller! Could be used for everything that you want to remotely control with any receiver and transmitter combo.

He goes on to say that the hardest part is to connect the actuators and/or motors to your brake/throttle/etc.

From the looks of things, this ‘Vette owner has been working on this labor of love for quite awhile. He says he plans to make more videos, so stay tuned.

Photo Credit: blade00021
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