Watch Car Thief Hack into a Jeep Wrangler and Steal It

houston car hacking jeep hackers

Ok, so how mad would you be if you woke up to find your car stolen from the driveway. Then to make matters worse, you find out later you’ve been a victim of modern technology. That is, the thief hacked into your car’s electronics to do it.

Well that’s what you’ll see happening in the video below. It shows a car thief using a computer to hack into a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, then taking off with it. It happened in Houston, and police believe this case may be linked to others in the Houston area as well.

In the video you see a suspect inside the car, using a laptop, starting the car and then taking off.  What the video doesn’t show is a second suspect first opening the hood to possibly disarm the alarm.

According to the Wall Street Journal, police say the same method may have been used in four other late-model Wranglers and Cherokees thefts in Houston.  All of the stolen vehicles remain missing.

Wednesday, a Fiat Chrysler official told the Wall Street Journal he believes the Houston thieves “are using dealer tools to marry another key fob to the car.” That means the thieves would somehow need access to dealer tools. But the theory just explains how they possibly broke into the car. It doesn’t address how they specifically accessed the electronics to start it.

Earlier this year, the FBI sent out a warning about the dangers of cyber car hacking. The Michigan Senate also recently introduced two bills that would making car hacking punishable by life in prison.


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