Watch What Happens When This Truck Nearly Sqaushes Car

Volvo Truck Braking

Wow! That’s all we have to say after checking out both of this week’s videos!  The first will make you hold your breath as a truck barrels down upon a car in its path, but all is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Kevin’s video will leave you wondering how on earth a magician with an iPad did that. Both will make leave you in utter amazement as to what is possible.

Jerry: Check out this Volvo 18-wheeler as it brakes itself.  I would hope every truck is this safe in the coming years and sooner better than later.  I must admit, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the stopped car.  YIKES!

Kevin: I bet you’ll watch this at least twice and still won’t believe your eyes. Introducing the “Amazing iPad Magician”!

Photo Credit: Volvo/Facebook
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