Watch: Woman Wins Aston Martin On Price Is Right

aston martin price is right

Well this is bound to make you want to sign up for the next Price Is Right Dream Car week. We know we do.

During the pre-taped show that aired Monday, a contestant won a $120,000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage on the game show playing Spelling Bee. The goal is to pick the letters that spell “car” or just get a card that reads “CAR” and you’re golden.

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding photographer Francesca Penko was doing pretty well to begin with – she had a chance to walk away with $25,000 or risk it all to go for the sportster. She went for it. Her reaction to winning is priceless, head to 4:17 in the video to see it.

As it turns out, Penko plans to sell it. You can read her comments on YouTube.

price is right

Of course, the show doesn’t usually give away cars this expensive, but it is Dream Car week after all. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that winners have to pay the taxes on their prizes.

Consider us impressed.

Photo Credit: TVLubber3/YouTube
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