Waterless Car Washes Gaining Steam – Car Pro News

With much of the nation’s heartland suffering from drought, expect to see a big push to save water. Car washing is likely to be among the biggest targets.
There’s not much you can do to save water when it comes to filling the radiator, but washing the car is a different matter. Up until now, waterless car washes have been a tough sell, but if mandatory water-saving measures go into effect, they could become the norm. In Los Angeles in recent years, car washing in driveways was prohibited during a drought, but allowed at professional car washes that recycled their water.
The drought is over on the West Coast, but only getting started in the Midwest, where ponds are drying up and crops are being lost.
Makers of waterless car washes are ready to fill the gap in the home car-washing market. There’s no shortage of brands offering them, including well-known makers like Simoniz and Meguiar’s. A typical bottle can wash up to five cars.


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